This frame is the evolution of our MARIOLA model. Everything else in the great composition of Mariola remained the same except for one new feature - the Seat Stays have now become Carbon Fiber Composite Unistay. This valuable feature provides more torque resistance in the rear wheel which will naturally result in more power output.
Weight: only 1370 Gr for size 57.
Frame only: $2,195
Frame and full carbon Aero Fork: $2,485

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Spec 1650c wheels for sizes 47-55 and 700c wheels for sizes 55-61. Carbo comes in either pure Tri geometry (option with 76 or 78 Deg Seat Tube angle) or DL Geometry. . Custom geometry/fitting available for $200 extra. Full set of BrazeOns. Available in Red or Blue Colors.
Spec 2
Carbon Fiber/Aluminum joint is essential part of Composite structure. Smooth transition between those two frame materials, with properly designed tube configuration, provides strong and long lasting bond.
Spec 3Spec 4

Graphite Seat Stays are curved inwards to make frontal area even more narrow. They are precisely butted inside with the number of layers making one solid piece.
Spec 5Radically smaller portion of the seat stays is exposed to air flow comparing to traditional double seat stays design. Wishbone seat stays not only enhance back part of CARBO frame but also make frontal area smaller, which is one of the most essential factors for a good Aerodynamic design. Our Head Tube Diameter is also appropriate to the frame size - either 1" (for smaller frames) or 1- 1/8" (for larger frames) Properly chosen Head Tube is essential for lowering flex in Carbon Fiber Steering Column on the longer head tubes. To satisfy such a demand we made our own head tube design for the frames with 1-1/8" forks, which outside diameter is only 3mm bigger than the one for 1" fork!
Spec 7
Carbon Fiber SeatStays/DropOuts joint is precisely matched in an angle and completely sealed with Aerospace Epoxy glue. After the glue is cured, the joint is sanded down and the frame is painted for a flawless appearance.