Welcome to YAQUI Cycles - the leader in Triathlon sport.
We're rare, in that we actually build our bikes, with our hands, in our shop. We don't import and don't contract other companies to manufacture our frames.
When you purchase a YAQUI, you are buying a top quality handmade US product, made out of the most advanced materials available on the market.
We specialize in determining proper frame geometry for our customers. We will put in hours of our time to design your ideal frame geometry, and only when we agree with you on every single detail, we will start building that bike for you from the ground up.
We can proudly say that our Customer Service is exceptional, and is something that you won't be able to find in your local retail shop, or anywhere else. -Need more proof? Read some of our customers' comments.

For our line of Road Bikes please go to Bicycles, our parent company.