Our Tri frame geometry is based on my 1981 invention-Upright Seat Tube Geometry. That geometry was later adopted by many other frame manufacturers, as a necessary geometry for the bikes in any time event. Through the time that geometry has been refined, to fulfill the need of Triathlon sport - Running after riding a bike. Unfortunately it was also refined, artificially though, by UCI (Union Cycliste International) "leading" governing body in bicycle sport, a bunch of self proclaimed "saviors of the bicycle populus" restricting geometry and improvements with a bizarre explanation: It should be this way, so that anybody, poor or rich can race the bike (?!?) If we look on the subject through monetary lenses we shouldn't ride a bike at all, and we should be allowed to swim only bare naked and run only barefoot. Or, my bike design for that purpose would look like this....  I guess UCI wouldn't have much to regulate there...

UCI Regulations
Our regular production frames with 78Deg Seat Angle are not UCI approved - just like no other specific (with steaper seat angle than 76Deg) Tri or Time Frame in the World is UCI approved!
However, all our frames with seat angle of 76Deg are UCI approved.
Allso if you are on the level to compete on UCI regulated races we can build you a custom frame which will fulfill every single detail of UCI regulations and fit your body and style of the rading perfectly, for only $200 extra on the price of the frame.

ITU Regulations
Our frames are ITU (International Triathlon Union) approved. I am saying frames, as bikes on the other hand are not. Some specific components we are using in our kits are not approved by ITU, eg Clip-Ons or Handlebars. For more about this tiring issue you can read from this article.

AeroLite geometry-Seat tube extended over top tube joint. Click on the image for bigger picture.

Mariola geometry- Seat tube cut off at the top tube joint. Click on the image for bigger picture.
As you could see from those two graphs our seat tube angle is 78Deg. We also have another geometry with a seat tube angle of 76Deg. Such frames have a little longer Top and Head Tubes. It's intended for the people who are spinning their pedals, rather than pushing them. To be more specific, it's made for the non-sprinter type of the rider.
Complete charts on 76Deg. geometry will be posted soon - until then E-Mail us if you need specs for a specific frame size.

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The sizes of our triathlon frames are based on the Seat Tube length. We make frames from 47cm to 61cm in 2cm increments.
We don't add or take off from the size just because this is Tri-frame and its geometry is a little different from the road bikes. So if your road bike is size 57 - your Yaqui frame should be 57 as well. Check out our geometry for stock frame sizes.
If you are confused about the size of your present frame, if you never had a bike or you are not happy with the bike you are riding, you should check our Sizing Form where you can fill out your body measurements and we can tell you what YAQUI frame size will fit you the best. We also use the same form when we design Custom geometry frame, when needed.

And now something about the "fitting".
Usually on the properly designed or selected bike there is no need for extensive and tiring search for a better position on that bike.
Moving some parts of the bike back and forth, or up and down - will not help if you are stuck with the incorrect frame!
Some "manufacturers" however, suggest you to change the Seat Tube angle by "custom aero seatpost that can be adjusted to suit seat position of 74-79 degrees with the simple flip of the head". Does that mean that your arms will get shorter while you are switching your position into "more aero"? What about your proper position on the rest of the bike?
Well, maybe there is no magic in "conveniently" flipping the seat post head after all.
It's more likely that it is CHEAPER for them to offer you a "custom" seat post imported from Taiwan or China - rather than making 16 completely different geometries in 76 and 78 degrees Seat Tube angle - as we have.
When we change your seat tube angle - we also change the lengths of the Seat Tube, Head Tube and Top Tube respectively to 76 or 78 Deg.
That's why our customers prefer to work with us, rather than with the " type or a shop owner trying to move his inventory whether it fits or not." (a quote from one of our customer's email).
Some of them even find that kind of approach rather insulting. And if you really want to be honest to yourself - it is !

When we build a bike for you, regardless if it is a stock size or a custom one, we will also make sure to determine all the necessary dimensions for the Handlebar Stem, Handlebar, Clip-Ons, Crank length and even the handlebar height from the ground.
- Definitely not something that you will experience in your local bike retail shop. - They will do anything to sell you some bike on the floor, and won't mind to put you on a completely wrong bike - just to make a sale. Apparently - they don't really care. That's the reason why we don't work with the retailers any more.

It's almost frustrating how many people ask for our advice and opinion on the proper fit or complained on poor bike performances - after buying a bike that doesn't fit.
What can we say? - Don't let them "fit" you and tell you that "this is the position to be in - based on your flexibility". --- It's just not right !

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